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Locate and track your lost or robbed phone became easy now with the Phone Tracker By Number

Do you lose your phone with frequency? The Phone Tracker By Number app is perfect for you!

Your phone is stolen? Phone Tracker By Number makes it easy for you to track and locate a robbed cell phone.

Did you lose your cell phone? A lost phone may be very worrying. If you or a family member lost a cell phone, it is important to find it immediately. The Phone Tracker By Number brings in an easy reading map the location of the phone and besides that, it provides assistance to navigation to make the recovery of the lost cell phone easier.

Have the security that you need. Install this app on your phone, activate the tracker and you’re ready to go!

Other useful occasions:

- Know where your family members or loved ones are: It's easy! You install the Phone Tracker By Number on your phone. His children, girlfriend, friends, family install the Phone Tracker By Number on their phones. Ready! you may in a few clicks, see the location of each other whenever they want.

- History: With this app you have a history of the locations sent by the devices which are monitored by it, being able to see the locations the devices have been.

- Electronic Fence: In the Electronic Fence mode the app stablishes a virtual connection with the tracked cell phone and starts monitoring it in search for changes in position. In case the program detects the cell phone moved outside the electronic fence, an alarm is emitted to the user.

- Have You Arrived mode: In this mode you mark on the map a place and chooses a cell phone to monitor. In case the app detects that the monitored cell phone has reached that place, an alarm is emitted.

-And much more…

The Phone Tracker By Number is that type of app which is always useful to keep in the cell phone, after all, you never know when it may be necessary.

App built to be easy to use, simple, light and functional, without the using of other resources, beside the necessary ones.

Built to have a low waist of energy if compared with other similar apps and it does not leave processes in the memory when it is deactivated.

Protection mode against the system’s reboot

Utilization manual and tips in the app itself.

Send us commentaries, suggestions, doubts or critics.

Report any error or bugs.

Free version for tests.

There might be an exhibition of Banners in the app.


- This application accesses your location data and shares it on a server on the Internet. But to be able to access these data, your Password Location is required. So, save your Password Location safely.

- It requires cell phones with a GPS device integrated and connectivity and the Internet in order to function.

- Read carefully all the documentation of the app to understand its functioning, restrictions and limitations.

- The precision of the location, so as the sending of information to the server of the app, depend also on the precision of the GPS device used by the cell phone and its connection with the Internet.

- The Phone Tracker By Number is a software that requires user permission that is installed and running on your device. The Phone Tracker By Number can only be installed and used on devices which the user has a authorization for this type of use, or that the device owner person knows and agrees that is being monitored.

- The connection failure interrupts the sending of location data. Therefore, it is recommended the use of connections with greater amplitude (3G or 4G).

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